What is ARBRO?

  • Ayeyarwady River Research Organization (ARBRO) was founded on May , 2012. ARBRO is made up 110+ senior water experts, development and environmental professionals , and individual researchers with experience in water and environmental sectors , retired government as well as UN senior officers n and active citizens, who live along the river . We aim to produce people-centered science-based research for the healthy Ayarwady basin , poverty alleviation and sustainable development of Myanmar . Promotion of and capacity development on Integrated Water Management (IWRM) are the core activities. IWRM is recognized by many as the paradigm for establishing good water governance and putting water resources on the recovery path . The nature science research and social science research are two major components of ARBRO’s research programme .
  • ARBRO organized the ‘‘ First Public Consultative Meeting ” on 9 th February 2013 at Royal Rose in Yangon with overwhelming public participation from near and far .
  • The second meeting held on second week of September 2013 at Royal Rose in Yangon .
  • World water Day Celebration on 19 th Feb 2014 at MES in Yangon .
  • The Third meeting held on 24 th , Feb 2014 as joint IWRM seminar between ARBRO & JWA of NARBO at Mi Casa Hotel .
  • River Basin Management with science & Technology Held on 16 th March 2015 in Nay Pyi Daw , jointly organized by JICA-JST SaTREPS (Uni of Tokyo & YTU ) , NABRO , MoT , Myanmar .
  • The fourth Public Consultative meeting of ARBRO on 29 December 2014 I Yangon .
  • The Fifth Public Consultative meeting of ARBRO on 25 July 2015 New Ayar Hotel in Yangon.
  • World Water Day Celebration on 13 March 2015 at MCC in Nay Pyi Daw.

ARBRO is an official member of Asian River Basin Organization   NARBO (http://www.narbo.org) since July. 2012 . The Directorate of the Water Resources and Improvement of River System (DWIR) , the Ministry of Transport recognizes and recommends the multi-stakeholders platform ARBRO . The Ayeyarwady River Basin Research Organization is a people-centered, community-based organisation; Capacity Building organization established by Myanmar water professionals who later became members of the Advisory Group of NWRC. It is part of the NARBO network.

  • Aim to produce people –cantered science-based research for the healthy and sustainable Ayeyarwady River Basin , which will be a reliable platform for poverty alleviation and sustainable development in Myanmar.
  • Core activities are promotion of capacity development on Integrated Water Resource Maanagement (IWRM) , research and national , regional and global networking for IWRM , to share knowledge and build capacity for IWRM I Ayeyarwady River Basin and other major basins in Myanmar.

The potential future role of ARBRO is to:

  • Act proactively in IWRM implementation in Myanmar as a pioneer RBO
  • Create enabling environment and mobilize river basin organizations for other major river basins in Myanmar
  • Chindwin, Dawei, Taninthryi, Thanlwin and other River Basins Organizations will come forward in the near future by interested parties. ARBRO will give technical support and certification.