Ei Hnin Khaing
Toe Toe Aung

Thin Thin Soe


            The location of my project is Myaungmya Township, Delta Region of the Ayeyarwady River. There are over 200 private industries in Myaungmya Township. Myaungmya Industrial Zone is one of the twenty Industrial Zone of Myanmar and established in 1995. But, most of the factories in Myaungmya  Township are operated in outside of the Industrial Zone. So the problem is scatter the industry in the township and the waste from industries are scattered. Most of the factories are directly discharged their waste nearby rivers and this become negative impact to local community and enviroment. This problem is caused by lack of personal ethnic and awareness about ecosystem of owner of factories. The owner of factories don’t want to move inside the Industrial Zone because of financial problem and poor infrastructure of Industiral Zone and transportation to Industrial Zone.

The solution of this problem is operate in one place. If all of the factories will operate in one place, the positive impacts are control and manage in one place, can control the waste by central waste treatment system, cluster development of SME and effective monitoring. Training for industries about waste water treatment knowledge, awareness raising program, financial aid, good infrastructure of Industiral Zone, Rules and Regulation and more information are needed to reduce the causes of the problem. My activities for my project are to seek the challenges of Industrial Zone, site observation to inside and outside the Industrial Zone and interviews and discussion with local community and relating organizations. I will ask all of my question to all stakeholders. So I will get different information from different sectors. I will focus the vulnerable group: women, children, disable and old age people for my question. Less pollution, Industiral Zone development and SME development will get from my encouragement.

The estimation of budget for my project is 680 US$ for my main activities. If I extend my activities, the budget will need 1710 US$. The additional activities are laboratory test of water quality, conducting training course and awareness raising program.

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