Dr. Nan Myat Soe
Khin Seint Seint Aye

Khaing Khaing Soe

Case Study on Water Environment Monitoring Of River, Foods and Ecosystem (Twantay Canal)

          The fishery industries in delta region is one of the most important business not only the food but also livelihood of local community in this region. The location of the study area is Fishery industries near Twantay Canal where we visited in first training.kks

Figure. Location map of study area

            When we visited over there, we have realized how the fisheries’ industries operated and also their current issues such that increased fish death rate year by year. The thing what we noticed that is water source circulation in their industries. Inlet water is used from Zephyugone creek, the arm of canal, and outlet water (wastewater) is also discharged to the canal directly. The canal is connected to the Toe River which is proposed water sources for greater Yangon water supply as master plan and Hlaing River. The water quality of the river (upstream and downstream) might be risked in potential.

The wastewater from fish farms discharged to the canal without any treatment and that is circulated again to the fish farms as inlet water. That will be affected to the water quality certainly. The community near the location might be impacted to their water sources, health, hygiene and sanitation, and food security especially the primary school bounded by fish farms. Not only socio-economic impacts, ecosystems sustainability may get affected.

So, I would like to plan to investigate the water quality at inlet and outlet of fish farms to approach how much impact to the local people and water bodies. The collected data-base will be effective to manage something like monitoring and evaluation by relevant institutions and co-related organization (YCDC ourselves), and the community.


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