Friendship or sister organizations of ARBRO

  • WRTC: Water Research and Training Centre is the overarching organization, providing research and training on water in Myanmar

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  • Water mothers: Self-reliance and self-supported organization advocating for women participation in water management, initiated by women water professionals in Myanmar. Water Mothers is established in 2012 as a sister organization of ARBRO, technically supported by WRTC and part of the Soroptimist International network.

Water Mother are currently working to improve water management . They have been recruiting all layers of women who may be technicians, labours ,teacher , tea-shop owners and so on . After that , they collect their annual fee . They formed groups and educate them to be effective for water management . Movever , they need more human resurces to get more coverage . Especially , They target women who willingly want to involves but some of them have their own business to survive for their lives . For example , as a tailor , she has been using the sewing machine which is old and not well functioning . If she is provided by new one with loan , she can save time , energy and get work done . So that , she will have more income and she can contribute more in water Mother to get community mobilization . They are mobalizating every women to promote that rain-water harvesting national campaign . They belive that there will be many opportunities after that .

  • NARBO: Network of Asian River Basin Organization, ARBRO joined NARBO network since 2012.