May Myat Mon
Thin Thin Soe

Ei Hnin Khaing

Sustainable Water Distribution System in Nyaung U rural area

  1. History
  • Before 1965, it was operated by Irrigation Department (Under MAI). It started with 34 villages
  • In 1965s, 1st time hand-over from Irrigation department to Agricultural Mechanization Department
  • In 1976, it was cooperated with WHO.
  • Until 1980, this project was extended to 94 villages (funded by UNICEF and A.D.A.B.
  • In 1981, Technical Transform from using Diesel Engine to using electric power.
  • In 1995, 2nd time hand-over from Agricultural Mechanization Department to Water Resource Utilization Department.
  • In 2001, 3rd time hand-over from Water Resource Utilization Department to Nyaung U township development Committee.
  • In 2015, 4th time hand-over from Nyaung U Township Development Committee.

This project is implementing by Department of Rural Development in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation. In the present, the main operating agency is Department of rural development (Nyaung U) in Mandalay Region. They are using pontoon pump station at Nat Themee river bank for distributing water from the Ayerwaddy river basin. They are using two main distribution pipe lines that are Taungzinn water distribution pipe line ( 23 miles- length ; 5nos of Pump stations; covered villages – 39 villages) and Sat Sat Yoe water distribution pipe line (36 miles-Length; 7 nos of Pump Station; Covered Villages – 59 villages).

In this saturation, I would like to study how we can manage to these water distribution system to be sustainable and how it is relating to our ARBRO aspiration that integrated water resource management.


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