Aye Mya Thein
Dr. Nan Myat Soe

Dr. Aung Zaya

Ayeyarwady WLE MK 30 (Batch 2) Project Proposal (Summary)

N o v. 3 0 , 2 0 1 6


By Dr. Aung Zaya




This project is included under the Theme of Water and Energy.

For Case Study,Yeywa Hydropower Plant is selected.

Situation or Problem Statement:  According to the present situation, there are two type of Generation System such as Thermal (Coal and Gas Turbine) Power Plants and Hydropower Plants in the Generation Mix of Myanmar.

Myanmar has enormous Hydropower resources and estimated potential is about

100 GW. Currently, the Hydopower Plants are sharing about 70 % of Generation Capacity

that is only about 3.3% of its rich potential. It is very evident that the role of Hydropower is

very important for Energy Sector of Myanmar. Consequently, the efficient operation of

Hydropower Plant plays predominantly strategic role for the country’s development.

Due to the current study, there are some Hydropower Plants that are operating at the

Sub-optimal Operation. Therefore, it is significant barrier of Sustainable Hydropower Plant in


Research Questions are mentioned as the following:

1) How can adopt the Policies, Rules and Roadmap?

2) How can effectively use the excess Water and Electricity from Hydropower Plant?

3) How can enhance the Power Consumption (Industrial Growth) if there is more

Generating Capacity from Hydropower Plant?

4) How can narrow the large gap between the Design and Generation of Hydropower


5) How can upgrade the Transmission Capacity to withstand if there is Optimum

Generation Situation?

6) How can improve the Power System and Strategic Planning for Optimum


7) How can build the Awareness, Capacity and Trust?

8) How can perform Impact Assessments?


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