Aung Thura Hein

Aung Kyaw Kyaw

Theme: Healthy Rivers

 Topic: “Promoting Livelihood through tackling river bank erosion and sedimentation”


  1. Situation or Problem

 Myanmar has been one of the top countries that is vulnerable to climate change and extreme events of natural disasters while it also have problem tackling the issues of deforestation and improving and conserving its natural and man-made infrastructure to mitigate negative impacts

As a particular case, community living along the Ayeyarwaddy and Chindwin rivers has suffered from erosion which has led to the collapse of long stretches of river bank, forcing hundreds of households in riverine communities to relocate to safer areas, according to local villagers. Local people suffer from in such a way that damaged their residential land, cultivated land, livestock, socio-economic condition and health including relocation. The water level of the river is the main threat to bank erosion during monsoon reason typically at May and June. The regional administrative bodies have set provision for budget to mitigate impacts of river bank erosion, causing budgetary restraints on other sectors. Along with common negative results of sedimentation such as river bank erosion which will again induce more sedimentation and less water quality with the consequences on navigation due to shallow rivers and less favorable conditions for fish habitats.

The study area will be along the Ayeyarwady river with the general scope area starting form Nyaung-Oo to the Sagaing region (between the latitudes of 21° 12′ 16″ North and 21° 55′ 37″ North, and between the longitudes of 94° 55′ 47″ East and 95° 57′ 58″ East). Site-survey will be carried out around some villages (sample site) in the Sagaing region after which the up-scaling analysis will be done with the aim to make deducted inference for the whole study area using GIS/RS.

Some of the causes leading to these problems are accumulative impacts from upstream community, poor realization of institutional responsibility, weak implementation in realizing aid form donor community and the local causes such as firewood cutting along river bank. The solution is to minimize river bank erosion which bring positive impacts such as improved fishery and navigation, stable farmland and house, and reduced stress on national or regional agencies for budgetary planning.


Fig : Location of study area

What is needed to reduce/ fix the causes of the problem or situation?

  • Information on administrative and aid strategy
  • Identifying major causes of erosion and sedimentation
  • Efficient institutional framework

What will be done to fix the causes?

  • Identifying challenges on livelihood ( gender, agriculture)
  • Review, observation, and recommendation on current institutional practise
  • Identifying upstream sources of erosion and sedimentation
  • Local awareness and training

What will be the changes?

  • Promoted livelihood and socio-economic gain
NO. Item Cost (USD)
1 Field survey, data collection and analysis (transportation) 300
2 Interview to relative agencies 200
3 Miscellaneous cost 100
Total 600



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