Ayeyarwady River Research Organization (ARBRO) was founded on May , 2012. ARBRO is made up 110+ senior water experts, development and environmental professionals , and individual researchers with experience in water and environmental sectors , retired government as well as UN senior officers n and active citizens, who live along the river . We aim to produce people-centered science-based research for the healthy Ayarwady basin , poverty alleviation and sustainable development of Myanmar . Promotion of and capacity development on Integrated Water Management (IWRM) are the core activities. IWRM is recognized by many as the paradigm for establishing good water governance and putting water resources on the recovery path . The nature science research and social science research are two major components of ARBRO’s research programme .


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Friendship Org

Water Research and Training Centre is the overarching organization, providing research and training on water in Myanmar. Water mothers: Self-reliance and self-supported organization advocating for women participation in water management, initiated


Water Land and Eco system (WLE) is a group of organisations that are champion in capacity building. The Ayeyarwady WLE training programme is funded by CGIAR under its Water Land and Ecosystems programme Greater Mekong and Australian government.